Do you really need a coffee table?

When you think about furniture in a living room, the coffee table seems to rank quite high on most lists. However, before you shop for one, there are two questions you'll need to ask yourself:

1) Who uses the living room?

2) What do they do in the living room?

These two questions will help you to indentify the activities that will happen within your living room and will indicate what kind of furniture you will need.

Here are some alternative living room set-ups:

Let everything happen on the floor! A rug and some cushions make for a nice lounge and play area for both adults and kids. If you're hosting a small party, serve up snacks and drinks on a trolley or a collapsable tray! You can push it to one side when you don't need. 

If you like things neat, consider built-in furniture. Pull out the coffee table when you need it, and tuck it in when you don't. A little nook in-between provides some storage space for magazines, newspapers and remote controllers.

Without the coffee table, there is no blockage to the thoroughfare that connects the living room to the upper floor. Also, the use of a side table by the couch ensures minimal stretching when picking up your cup!

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