Easy Wallpaper Fixes

Bedroom with Wallpaper from Design Intervention

If you're facing problems applying or maintaining wallpaper, these easy fixes will help you save your money, time, and sanity!

CURLED EDGESHumidity, heat and water damage.

- Moisten the underside of the loose seam with warm water.

- Be careful not to saturate the paper. Lift the edge and apply a small amount of adhesive to the back of the seam using a toothpick.

- Smooth it out to a thin film.

- Flatten the seam gently with a wallpaper seam-roller and wipe away the excess glue.



Air pockets trapped between the paper and the wall, or if there wasn’t enough adhesive upon application.


- Using a sharp utility knife, cut a small slit along one side of the bubble.

- With a glue injector, squeeze adhesive under the bubble.

- Massage the glue in with your fingers, pressing out excess glue through the slit.

- Wipe it off with a damp sponge.

- Run a seam-roller gently over the area to flatten the bubble.


A dull blade was used to trim the wallpaper upon application, or afterwards, when sharp objects scratch the wallpaper.


- Carefully pull back the torn section. Apply adhesive to the wall with a small brush, making sure not to get it onto the surrounding paper.

- Smooth the torn paper back into place with a damp sponge and remove the excess glue.