Easy ways to add character to your home (Part 2)

Our first article focused on tips that will come in handy during the renovation or interior design process. However, if you want to add some final touches or are doing a simple revamp, these ideas are practical and affordable.

Use tapestries - anywhere you want.

(image: Urban Outfitters)

Hang the tapestry to create a canopy-like effect. You can also sew a rod pocket to hang it on the walls. Another alternative to this is a flat carpet.


Upcycle an old bench

Give the old bench or any unused furniture a paint job. Go for bold colours if you have an all-white home, and black or dark brown if you want a moodier effect. 


Use vintage doorknobs

(image: Urban Outfitters

Vintage doorknobs come in many forms, including odd shapes and unique patinas. As seen above, you can also use it to tuck curtains.


Incorporate a chalkboard into your home

(Interior design by Prozfile)

Chalkboards are a good way to personalise the home. From free-hand drawings and a good morning note, to something practical like the groceries list, chalkboards are functional as well as fun.


Start looking out for your favourite wallpaper print

(image: decor8 via the women's weekly)

In Part 1, we suggested using wallpapers to highlight an often-forgotten space - such as the staircase walls. Another place you can utilise the fabulous wallpapers is the insides of cabinets and wardrobes. Have fun!