Energise your home with Tangerine

Tangerine is a dramatic and seductive shade that’s a mix of red and orange. This vibrant, bold hue is known to evoke warmth and energy. So use it as a base if you want to make a statement in your home, or accent your space with splashes of tangerine using accessories for a more subtle hint of colour.

Tangerine as a base

As A Base

Because of its bold, saturated hue, tangerine can be used for a statement-making wall in the kitchen, foyer or hallway. Pair it with light browns (tan chairs, honey-toned wood floors or cream-coloured walls) to create a warm and cosy space.


Tangerine as an accent colour

As An Accent Colour

A pale, contrasting base (like blue-grey or light turquoise) works well with pops of tangerine. Orange accents can be brought into the room in different forms (like lamps, cushions or a designer chair).