An exhibition of eye-catching designs with interesting concepts about changing lifestyles

Asia Society Hong Kong Center (“ASHK”), in collaboration with the National Deisgn Centre, presents the acclaimed exhibition 'Imminent Domain: Designing the Life of Tomorrow'. Three top Hong Kong designers - Nicolas Cheng, Yeung Chin, and Dylan Kwok - challenge the status quo and demonstrate the future of our living with their design products at the show. 

Through their designs, the trio suggest alternative modes and provoke discussions on how Hong Kong’s creative potentials can interact with Singapore, with a focus on the clash between the lives in the past, the now, and the future in the fields of product, fashion and socio-urban designs.


Nicolas Cheng spent over six months in China to acquire the traditional skills and techniques to produce a set of cloisonné vessels. The end product stages a stark contrast between the traditional craft of cloisonné and the industrial feel that reminds us of mass production today.


Yeung Chin designed a collection of inflatable garment that questions the skinniness-equals-beauty formula by providing a unique body shape to each wearer.


Dylan Kwok’s “interior” design houses are not displayed inside the exhibition center, but outside of it, in order to challenge our concepts about boundary. Specially curated for this exhibition, Kwok created a set of postcards from a photo that was exhibited in 2013, where they were mailed to Singapore. The postmarked cards were then reassembled to exhibit the original image.

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Exhibition details

Date: 16 Jan - 28 Feb 2016

Location: National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road, tel: 6333-3737