Find your signature colour...

A signature colour is personal. Placed in a home context, can be used to organise or demarcate an area for each family member, or the activity that takes place in that part of the home. It can also be used to weave all the different spaces of the home together in one unifying colour scheme. However you decide to use your signature colour in your decor, the choice of colours should be a palette that will evoke pleasant emotions, reflect who you are, and make feel most at home.

Here are some tips on where to begin...

+ Afraid of using colour in your decor? Start with one colour. You can create a whole palette of colours just by deciding on one colour.

+ Get emotional! What colour puts you in a calm state of mind? Or a conducive environment for lounging and sleeping? Use that colour for the walls or the curtains!

+ Don't want to commit? Add splashes of your signature colour with soft furnishings. Cushions, throws and carpets can be swapped out easily when you decide to change your mind. 

+ Try out a small space first! The bathroom would be a good place to test out a fresh wall colour! 

+ Have fun in the kitchen! Pick out a fun and cheery colour, because food tastes better when you cook with a cheerful heart!

+ A word of caution: The colour scheme of your home affects its style! A pastel palette (e.g. pale pink and mint green) would define a retro-inspired space, while a monochromatic room could entail a sleek, modern-industrial space. So find a colour that would define the style you want!