Fix your bursting wardrobe full of bags, shoes and accessories with these 6 handy tips!

You’ve grown your handbag, shoes and accessories collection over the years, but now, you can’t seem to find a place to store them all! Sounds familiar? Here are a few tips that are helpful for storing them!

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For bags and shoes:

+ If you have a large number of items, allocate a generous section for them. In fact, why not try multi-purpose, adjustable shelving that’s versatile enough for different types of handbags and shoes?

+ Don’t throw your smaller bags into the wardrobe! Hang them on hooks outside your wardrobe doors! If your wardrobe is a stand-alone one, then you can install more hooks on the outside panel of the wardrobe.

+ To accommodate more bags, try using rails that can be installed at various heights inside the wardrobe. With these, individual bags can be hung over the rails with S hooks!

+ For shoes, install shoe racks inside the wardrobe that can hang like clothes hangers. These help to save space, and can hold multiple pairs of shoes at a time!


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For accessories:

+ Accessories are best organised such that they can be seen at a glance! Try accessory trays, pull-out-tie or belt racks are options to consider!

+ For more versatility, a wire-mesh panel can be installed inside wardrobe doors to provide ample hanging space for earrings and other accessories!