Fix your lighting problems

If you are facing lighting troubles at home, we have the solutions. Here are some common problems home owners face and how to solve them.

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Image: Habit LLP

Bulbs burning out too quickly: 
If the problem is isolated to one fixture, it could simply mean that the bulb wattage is too strong for the fixture. If the fixture is rated for a maximum of 60 watts, a 100-watt bulb will overheat, resulting in a shorter bulb lifespan. Check the label on the fixture which states the appropriate bulb wattage that should be used.

Flickering or blinking lights: 
A bulb that is loose in its socket can flicker on and off. Simply tighten the bulb to correct the problem. Another reason may be a bad connection along the circuit due to worn out or corroded contacts in the socket. If the blinking occurs throughout the home, you have a problem with the main wire. Call an electrician when this happens.

Inconsistent brightness:
If you notice that some lights are bright while others dim, this means that the wiring is incorrectly installed or that there are faulty connections in the circuit. Call an electrician.