Four statement pieces to look out for in Luca Nichetto’s latest range of furniture

Do you want furniture that is unique, versatile and uses premium materials and craft? Luca Nichetto’s designs embody these traits; and you can now find his latest collection in Singapore!

The Italian designer uses colour palettes inspired by nature, and craft techniques from a range of disciplines including fashion, carpentry and fine art.

Some of the design elements you’ll find in Nichetto Studio’s range include natural finishes, complex forms, exposed frames and upholstery stitching influenced by traditional tailoring.

Whether you've got a Scandinavian or Mid-Century Modern-style home, deisgn elements in Nichetto Studio's range will fit perfectly!

For example, the Blanche Bergere reading chair (pictured above) comprises overlapping upholstered shells, which create a wrap-around form to offer the user a sense of privacy. 

The Elysia lounge chair (pictured above) has a solid wood leg construction that cradles the padded shell of the seat and the backrest. Its exposed “skeleton” showcases the craftsmanship and premium timber used!

Marvel at the design of the Laurel coffee table (pictured above) – which comes in marble or timber, and mirror-polished lacquered high-density fibreboard. Composed of just two shapes, the cone appears to balance weightlessly on the cylindrical base. 

The Stanley sofa (pictured above) – which has three-seater and two-seater models – has an exposed solid wood frame with expert woodwork revealed in the details of the joinery. 

Find out more about Luca Nichetto designs at www.dream.com.sg or call 6235-0220.