Put things in order with these furniture arrangement tips

Whether you live in a 3-room, 4-room or 5-room HDB flat, arm yourself with the following furniture pieces and you can create a living room that's functional, practical and cosy.

The 4 Key Pieces of Furniture:
1. Sofa: The centrepiece of your living room, your sofa provides seating for you and your guest and it could even be a spare bed if you need it.
2. Ottoman/Coffee Table: An ottoman can function as a side table, coffee table, a footstool or extra seating. Pick one that's easy to maneuver.

3. TV Console: Even if your TV is wall-mounted, this will accommodate your set-top box and entertainment system.

4. Shelving for storage: Whether its a bookshelf or shoe cabinet, don't forget to include storage in your living room!

If you live in a 3-Room flat, your living room would most likely be long and narrow:

+ To create the illusion of spaciousness, use compact, low-slung styles for your main pieces.
+ Pull the ottoman to the side so you have space to walk about.
+ Lightweight chairs can be moved from the dining room when you need a few more seats.

If you live in a four-room flat, your living room would probably be square-shaped:

+ In a square-shaped space, work with symmetry, and use it to your advantage. Consider placing two loveseats to face each other instead of trying to squeeze in a three-seater sofa.
+ Add an area rug to unify the space. It makes the space feel more cosy and look less bare, too.
+ Instead of a large coffee table, use side tables that serve the same purpose.

If you live in a 5-room flat, you have the luxury of space to try unconventional furniture layouts:

+ Since space isn't an issue, there's much you can play with. You definitely can have larger pieces of furniture (think deep, L-shaped sofas).
+ Pull the sofa away from the wall and place a narrow hall table at the back of the sofa to serve as a handy perch for letters and keys. It also works as a desk and adds functionality to the living room.
+ If you need storage space, pick a table with drawers and cabinets to keep clutter at bay. You can also incorporate storage into your TV cabinet.

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