Furniture design that lasts generations

Fredericia’s DNA has a lot to do with the Danish word “umage” (pronounced ooh-may), which CEO Kaja Moller describes as “always striving for the best and not giving up”. Every move, from the design to deciding who to collaborate with, is in line with this character. Perhaps this is why the brand is loved globally, by both designers and homeowners. The new managing director, Kaja Moller, gives us more insight into why this is so.

Tell us about your role in Fredericia.
I’ve worked with Danish brands for more than 20 years, from furniture to jewellery to fashion. I like to develop Danish brands into ones that become more visible internationally. With Fredericia, I make sure our quality and authenticity is maintained – now and in the future, at home and globally.

Colour and material play a big role in design. What is your favourite combination?
I love wood, such as smoked oak, with natural leather. But, I also like it when you break the rules. Our Stingray Rocking Chair is a polypropylene design and it is a combination of classy and quirky. 

What trend do you think will dominate the industry soon?
Products and brands with quality and substance. Even young people want things they can inherit and pass on to generations, such as our Spanish Chair. If it has been in your family for years, it tells stories: What did I do when I was a child? Who sat here and what did they do? You’ll be more in love with a piece that has substance.

Which chairs embody Fredericia’s vision?
Our ambition is to create the modern original – classic designs that are contemporary – by doing minimalistic, beautiful products that are not excessively designed. Pieces such as the classic Spanish Chair produced in 1958 by Borge Mogensen, which has a lot to do with craftsmanship; the innovative Stingray Rocking Chair that won the Red Dot Design Award in 2008; and the comfortable yet distinctive Trinidad, inspired by the leaves found on the island.