Furniture inspired by HDB flats, fruit, and even food!

Based in Italy and Singapore, design duo Lanzavecchia + Wai began collaborating with Journey East in early 2013 to create the Playplay collection of furniture. Inspired by Southeast Asia, Playplay is also Journey East’s first self-produced collection.

How would you describe Playplay? 
Hunn: Southeast Asian, playful, light, energetic, retro, bold, expressive and full of character!
Francesca: It’s not afraid to stand out, and also be surprising. It’s a collection with twists, which can really make the living room livelier.

Which Southeast Asian elements inspired it?
Francesca: HDB flats, fruit, food and their flavours, textiles... 
Hunn: We also looked at the approach and thought behind inventions and unique things in the region, and tried to apply it to furniture. For example, the thought behind the creation of prata or batik.
Francesca: Yes, the surprise we got when we looked at things in a different way translated into the playfulness of the collection!

What are some defining details of the pieces?
We merge details derived from vintage furniture, with contemporary aesthetics. For example, the legs of the Pong table were inspired by the layered plywood of the handle of a ping-pong bat.
Hunn: Also, pencil legs are normally seen on vintage furniture, but we use them in a more contemporary silhouette in the Hamburger tables.
Francesca: The Accordion console’s front surface has a lenticular effect – appearing colourful from one side, and all wood from the other. We liked the idea that a piece of furniture can look like two different pieces! 

More design inspirations: