Gadgets that take the chore out of chores!

These fun and useful gadgets and homeware will help get you through your dreaded kitchen and laundry chores with a smile on your face. Now you've got no reason to procrastinate!


Magnetic Magnotag Oven Gloves, SGD38, Suck UK, Naiise
If you’re guilty of simply throwing your gloves around, you will love how these magnetic ones simply stay on your fridge or oven doors.


Slice Cutting Board Set, SGD63.90 for a set of 4, Qualy, Naiise
You’ll never mix raw meat with fresh vegetables when you’ve got these hanging in your kitchen.


The Sushi Bazooka, SGD41.75, Firebox
We can’t all be deft with a bamboo mat, but now we know another way to amaze our friends with perfect sushi rolls (although results may vary).


Beepegg, SGD31.30, Firebox
We love how this egg timer tells you how your egg is done. It plays “Killing Me Softly” for soft eggs, and “The Final Countdown” for hard-boiled.



Sitting Duck Pegs, SGD4 per peg, Suck UK, Naiise

Spooky Bat Pegs, SGD4 per peg, Suck UK, Naiise
This makes doing the laundry so much more fun!


T-Shirt Folder, SGD31.30, Firebox

A neat and quick cheat to folding clothes. Big Bang Theory fans might remember the meticulous Sheldon Cooper using this to do his laundry as well!


Laundry Punch Bag, SGD41.75, Firebox

You are now able to literally take it out on your laundry with this laundry bag, cheekily made to resemble a punching bag.

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