Gardens can be as small as a teacup, check out these ideas!

Plants add a burst of freshness to any space, and you don't need to be living in a house to enjoy a garden. House your greenery in small and beautiful planters in the comfort of your own home.


1. Pastel hues and wood accent the lush greenery of plants in these adorable mini planters. Its small size allows you to place these practically anywhere at home.

Geometric mini planters, $57.41 for three, from Shadeon Shape


2. Plain old terracotta pots don't do justice when it comes to making your plants shine. These brightly-coloured sugar skull planters are handcrafted and painted to order, so each piece is completely unique. Or paint and decorate your own!

Dia de los muertos planter, $19.14. from Mayhem Here


3. Old children's toys are recycled into these striking neon animal planters. These come in a wide range of colours, so go wild!

Animal planter trio, $63.79, from Coastal Moss


4. Handwoven from poly cord, this macrame plant hanger suspends the pot from the ceiling - a different way of showcasing your plants.

Modern macrame plant hanger, $40.41, from The Vintage Loop


5. A little on the larger side, these industrial-style planters will fit the slimmest balconies. However, their size still allows you to cultivate your own mini garden!

Kronos planters, $93.50 (small) and $120.30 (large), from CB2


6. Clean-cut and simplistic in its bright colours, these metal planters have detachable holders for hanging on railings or window ledges (inside the house, to be safe!) for your plants to get the sunlight it needs.

Socker flower box, $29, from Ikea


7. Coupling earthy neutrals and bright colours, these two-toned earthenware planters add a homely touch to any space. 

Carnivale mini planters, $7.38 each, from Crate & Barrel


8. Irregularly painted lines across a minimalistic sphere exudes a sense of zen. These porcelain planters can also be used to hold tea candles or trinkets too!

Porcelain planter, $51.03, from Wapa


9. Spruce up your walls with a wall-hung planter in bold hues. 

Ceramic wall planter, $57.41, from Sew Zinski


10. Specifically for air plants, these nest-like planters are handcrafted from colourful waterproof yarn. Suspend them from your ceiling to create a unqiue statement piece, or just place them on any surface.

Air nest hanging planter, $23.60, from Bigger Than Little


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