Get fresh air in the house everyday!

In this our sunny and humid Singapore, excessive moisture in the home can cause mould to build up, causing health problems. To rid your home of excessive moisture, make sure your home is well ventilated, and you understand the concept of cross-ventilation.

Cross-ventilation pushes warm air (and along with it, dust and pollutants) out of our houses, replacing it with fresh air from outdoors. To do this naturally, open a couple of windows (or a door) that are directly opposite each other. If there is no breeze, make use of man-made options like electric fans, air coolers, or ventilation fans, to help get the air moving in the right direction. For tight and exceptionally moist areas like the kitchen and bathroom, ventilation fans are essential for keeping those living spaces clean and well ventilated. 

With a constant flow of cool air in the home, this actually reduces the need for air-conditioning, which cuts energy bills.