Get the posh look of this home with dark and light tones

The design of this condomimium apartment looks effortessly simple - it doesn't have flashy designer furniture or expensive-looking materials to give off a warm and classy upscale vibe. So how does it achieve this look so desired by so many homeowners?

Its designer from Architology used a palette of related colours, ranging from creamy beiges to deep browns, to shade the home (no white walls in sight!). These colours are kept matte, while materials have slight textures to keep them form looking flat. Artwork with the same colour tones and practical furniture pieces with clean contemporary lines complement the look. 

A comforting palette of natural tones makes for a soothing colour palette


Textures in materials such as the timber flooring and ceiling, in the rug and soft furnishings, keep the place from looking too hard. 


Timber panels framed with black aluminium strips create depth and visual interest to distract viewers from the low ceiling.


Refined walnut veneer makes a big statement when paired with bare concrete in the dining room, which features a dining set from Commune Home.


The bedroom doors are flush against the wall in the corridor, adding impact to the dramatic facets of the ceiling.