Glass, mirrors, and glossy laminates amp up the posh factor in this home

Designed by Space Factor, this home in Bedok features clever usage of materials to inject a touch of luxe and enhance the openness of its living area.

For the common area to appear more open, swap the solid walls that enclose the adjoining kitchen with sliding glass panels. This also enables both the kitchen and living room to be better lit. If you cook at home frequently, this is also a more practical alternative to an open concept kitchen as smoke can be contained within this design.

Keep the living room cosy by incorporating cove lighting into the feature wall. Together with the dark laminates, it creates a moody and swanky ambience when the sun goes down. 

The kitchen is dressed up in an invigorating colour scheme, with glossy red surfaces puncuating the sleek, minimal white cabinets. Its modern design complements the stainless steel built-in kitchen appliances, and echoes the kitchen gadgets that have red accents as well. 

The adjacent dining area is a fluid continuation of the kitchen, featuring modern contemporary furniture that sports reflective finishes and red accents. 

Similar laminates used to clad the TV console are carried over to the storage compartments near the entrance, creating a unified design for the entire living area. The full-length mirrors give the impression of a larger space, and also allow the homeowners to take a quick look at their outfits before they head out.

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