A great DIY paint idea for your walls!

geometric pattern, wall, paint, DIY, bedroom, Prozfile
Design: Prozfile

There’s lots more you can do with paint, to give your space personality, depth and texture, even on a 2-D surface.

Besides stripes, another stylish and easy option is to try painting geometric shapes, such as those shown above. Using dark and light tones together on this bedroom wall created an illusion of volume. The best thing is, you don’t need to know how to draw!

Designer Cadine Lim of Prozfile first measured the wall, and used the Autocad computer program to create the design. She then drew the design on the wall before painting.

You don’t need a computer program to do this – measure the surface, and scale the dimensions down so you can draw the design easily on a sheet of paper. Simply scale up the dimensions to transfer the design onto the wall.

Consult the colour wheel for colour combinations – but keep it simple, as you don’t want your wall to look like broken-up shards. One tip is to use different intensities of the same colour, such as in the example above.