Grow your own vegetables with this vertical planter!

A new innovation called the Aerospring has made it much easier for anyone to grow their own greens! This unique vertical planter solves the problem of wannabe urban farmers having no space, no time and little gardening experience.

aerospring, aeroponic, urban gardening

Developed by Danish entrepreneur Thorben Linneberg, the Aerospring system includes a bucket base of about 75litres, on which hexagonal planter sections are stacked on. The aeroponic gardening system includes a water pump which rains nutrient-rich water within the internal piping onto the plant roots every 15 minutes. All users need is a suitable sunny spot of just one metre square, with access to an electrical outlet! The system is also easy enough to set up yourself in 15 minutes.

aerospring, aeroponic, urban gardening

aerospring, aeroponic, urban gardening
Mint growing on the Aerospring

So far, Thorben and his partner Nadine Keller has successfully grown vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers, and herbs such as basil, mint, and rosemary, using the Aerospring! The Aerosping costs $649; to read more about how it works, and to order, visit www.aerospringgardens.com