Handcrafted home and fashion accessories

Growing up in Jakarta, Melissa Sunjaya’s father used to teach her how to use an ordinary felt tip pen to create calligraphy strokes. She also remembered watching in awe as her grandmother handcrafted pillows and quilt covers.

Melissa’s sense of curiosity and imagination never left her, and after an illustrious career in design and branding, she established Tulisan (“handwriting” in Bahasa Indonesia) in 2010. It was born out of her experimentation with artisanal craft methods such as silk-screened batik, and has since grown into a brand with an arsenal of products such as home and fashion accessories, and stationery.

Melissa’s illustrations, as well as collaborative art created with her artist and designer friends, are manually silk-screened onto canvas pieces, and then handmade into items such as cushion covers, aprons, tea towels and bags.

"The joy of my work as an artist lies in exploring the art of storytelling through different mediums,” says the 41-year-old entrepreneur, whose giclee prints are exceptionally rich in narrative. “I keep a notebook with me at all times, and will scribble details of the people like the way they strutor lift their chin – which would add flair to the story.

All of the pieces are produced in small batches, some of which are made at the brand’s atelier within the Kampus Diakonia Modern, a non-profit safe house in Jakarta for street children. I believe that every human being deserves the right to have dreams and a sense of security,” Melissa explains of her passion for creating entrepreneurship opportunities for the less fortunate.

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