This HDB flat shows you how to do eco-chic

There has been increased awareness of preserving our environment and energy conservation in recent years, so it's no surprise that many of us are embracing more eco-friendly lifestyles. So if you're thinking of getting rid of an old bookshelf, first see if it has the potential to be upcycled or repurposed, perhaps granting it a new lease of life! It can go towards a new look for your home. The interiors of this HDB flat proves that eco-friendly can also be stylish, as exemplified by this designer and homeowner.


The home, made complete with vintage furniture and energy-saving lights, features renewable bamboo flooring from Star Bamboo.

Unique buys such as a decorative wooden floor lamp and decor accessories add personality to little corners.

The homeowners entertain their guests both from the kitchen and the bar, which has a countertop made of salvaged teakwood.

The layout and design of the home capitalises on the building's large windows to keep it bright and airy, minimising the need for turning on lights during the day.

The discarded mailbox from the homeowner's first home 18 years ago now serves as a display case for her antique odds and ends.

An old coffee table has been repurposed into the bathroom mirror. The whole home maintains a contrasting theme of light coloured finishes and rich, dark wood.

In the master bedroom, the wall shelves are made of salvaged teakwood, providing a finishing touch to the bare white walls and framing the sleigh bed below.

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