HDB maisonette with a rustic charm

While most opt for a sleek modern look for their home, this homeowner and his interior designer decided to mix the contemporary look with a touch of rustic-chic for a cosier atmosphere.

Retro greens and oranges bring a homely feel to the living room.
Coupled with the red, textured bricks and tiles, this living room seems to come straight out of a country home.

What brings the contemporary kitchen and the old-school dining room together is the concrete flooring. The industrial-chic floor unifies both spaces, allowing the home owner a chance to mix and match styles in his home.

Giving the kitchen a monochromatic, modern look may seem out of place, but it works for practical reasons. With the built-in kitchen cabinets, the homeowner has more storage space and room to cook.  

But the kitchen is not the only space that has a modern, contemporary look. The homeowner opted for a sleek, monochromatic staircase as a contrast to the rustic feel of the wooden-framed full-length windows that overlook the stairs, bringing light to the once dark stairwell.

The master bathroom features a green mosaic wall that is complemented by the wood-framed mirror and wooden vanity.