Home hacks: 7 ways to use binder clips

Did you know the simple binder clips can do so much more than just hold documents together?

Check out these useful hacks you can try out at home:

1) Customised storage units
Clip boxes of different sizes together to get your own unique storage units. Paint each of them a different colour, or decorate them individually with patterns and prints to have your very own customised wall feature!

(Image: Live Simply)


2) Cable organisers
Never have to worry your cables fall to the floor or get tangled when you clip binders to your study table or work desk and simple run the cords through.

(Image: Live Simply)


3) Photo wall idea
Instead of using photoframes which may require drilling holes into your walls, why not just use binder clips which only need to be taped or blu-tacked on and can be easily removed, without damaging your walls.

(Image: Pretty Designs)


4) Toothpaste clip
Keep your toothpaste tube compact while using up every bit of it when you use a binder clip to "squeeze" toothpaste out!

(Image: Life Hacker)


5) Kitchen sponge holder
The binder clip holds the sponge upright and allows it to dry well.

(Image: Imperfect Homemaking)


6) Holding food covers
Flies definitely won't be able to attack your food with the binder clips in place! You can cover the tray and put them in the oven!

(Image: The Blue Bottle Tree)


7) Chips bag hangers
What a brilliant and convenient way to store your chips while keeping it fresh. It won't take up table space too since you can hang it on hooks attached to your kitchen cabinets!

(Image: David Scrimshaw's Blog)