You will feel so zen and calm in this Japanese-inspired apartment

There's just something about Japanese aesthetics, isn't there? Not only are Japanese designs simple but elegant, they have minimal but thoughful detail — what's not to like? This interior designer successfully captured the essence of it and translated it into this Japanese-inspired apartment.


Stretched linen was used in place of traditional hard-to-find Japanese shoji paper for the window panels in the meditation-cum-guest room. The fabric lets in some sunlight, which casts a soft glow through the room.

The meditation room features a raised platform, plain cement screed walls and tatami mats.

The flat remains liveable with comfortable furnishings like a large sofa and Arne Jacobson’s iconic Egg chair.

A wenge veneer feature wall continues up the ceiling to enfold the small master bedroom in earthy, muted warmth.

The designer minimised the density of built-in structures, such as this streamlined "floating" console in the master bedroom.


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