Renovation: Types of flooring materials for your home

Flooring is so important because it is essentially the foundation of your home, seeing that you walk on it every day.

It also greatly affects the appearance of your space as it is probably the largest surface area. Here are some popular options in the market you can consider for your home.



Lately, Mediterranean or Peranakan-inspired tiles have been trendy due to their ornate patterns and vibrant designs.

There are various types but the most popular is the homogeneous ceramic tile. This is because it is versatile and great especially for areas that require waterproofing such as bathrooms. It comes in various finishes from matte to glazed, in all sorts of contemporary designs. Because it is made of the same material through its thickness, minor scratches or damages will not be obvious. However, one drawback is that grout lines will accumulate dirt over the years and requires frequent maintenance to keep it looking its best.


White marble lends this home a classic, elegant air.

Common types of natural stone used as flooring include marble, limestone, granite and slate. One attribute of stone is that each cut is unique, which makes the material choice highly sought after. Natural stone is very beautiful, but it can be very expensive, too. This depends on where the stone was quarried and how rare it is. It is considered a delicate material, and extra care is needed. It should also be sealed every few years. There are various finishes for stone, including bush-hammered, honed and polished.


The homeowners wanted traditional parquet for their home for the material's natural warmth.

Hardwood or timber flooring is made with a variety of wood, such as walnut, oak, maple and pine. The timber can be laid out in strips or geometric patterns (parquet). It is known to be aesthetically pleasing and exudes a warm feel. However, it may not be the best choice if you have young children or pets, as natural wood is easily damaged. Certain types will also darken with age.


This engineered wood flooring by Wood & Wood has a rustic feel that looks like natural wood.

This has the look of real wood, but is actually a composite material. So it is more stable as a material, being more durable and less susceptible to temperature and humidity changes.


This wardrobe and exercise area features fuss-free laminated flooring with a beautiful wood grain pattern.

Mostly sporting wood grain finishes, this isn’t real wood but looks like it. It is low-maintenance and an affordable choice. The good thing about this is it also comes in an extensive range of designs. Another plus point: it can be installed directly over old existing flooring, so no hacking is necessary.


Vinyl flooring comes in designs that mimic the look of wood, even!

This is becoming increasingly popular in homes. Previously mostly seen only in hospitals due to its hygienic and low-maintenance nature, it comes now in a wide variety of designs and patterns. It comes in either tiles or sheets (giving the option of joint-free flooring), and is relatively affordable. It is also a resilient material, so you don’t have to worry about your pet scratching your flooring.


Contemporary and minimalist, concrete screed flooring goes with almost anything!

This was previously considered unacceptable and an unconventional choice in the typical Singapore home due to its “unfinished” look. However, the ubiquitous concrete screed has become so trendy today because of the pared-down industrial look. This type of flooring (or the lack of, rather) can also save you a lot of money. Just be sure to top it off with a concrete sealer to minimise that dusty feeling at home and have a smoother finish.