House painting: Colour choices and feng shui tips for 2016!

(Photo: AkzoNobel)

Feng shui master Jet Lee, founder and principal of Yi Culture shared early this year that decking your home in gold tones is ideal as it provides stability, perseverance and determination in the Year of the Monkey.

“As seen in the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang, the (Dulux) Colour of the Year (i.e. Monarch Gold) is also reflected in opposite or contrary forces which are also complementary and interdependent,” he added.

(Photo: AkzoNobel)

As the Year of the Monkey is a combination of ‘fire’ and ‘metal’ elements, one way to introduce balance to this combination is by introducing ‘earth’ elements. According to Master Jet Lee, who has been a practicing feng shui master for more than 15 years, one way to bring about this harmony is by using Earthy colours such as Monarch Gold, dark yellow, brown, and grey at home.

(Photo: AkzoNobel)

(Photo: AkzoNobel)

“There are many factors to consider for feng shui at home, including the external landform (such as location of your house, where it’s facing etc.), overall layout, door position and direction, and critical qi points. But other than placing certain items or changing the layout of furniture in your homes and specific rooms, one can also turn to colour to influence one’s wealth, luck, career, romance and health,” Master Lee added.