House Tour: 5 fun, quirky decor elements in this chic contemporary apartment

Stripped of its furniture and accessories, this two-bedroom apartment will look like one of many clean and clinical white spaces. But with the homeowner's collection of framed contemporary art, beautiful objects and iconic designer furniture, it takes on a fun and quirky, yet sophisticated personality. We list the design features we love in this home. Design by Distinctidentity.

1. Iconic lamps: Besides the statment-making Ingo Maurer Zettel'z hanging lamp that hangs above the dining table, the space is also home to other distinctive lamps such as the Moooi Rabbit lamp and the Flos Taccia lamp. When if they're not lit, the lamps are decorative anchors in the home.

2. Poster art: The homeowner has an extensive collection of framed graphic art posters in his home. These impactful pieces are colourful, modern and add fun, colour and a certain hip quotient to the interiors. 


3. Toys: The toys in this home are also treated as decor items, sharing space with designer accessories and lamps. Instead of looking childish and juvenile, they refresh the spaces.


4. Designer furniture: Just one or two heavyweight designer chairs is enough to make an impression in a space. In this home, the Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen in the living room, and the cardboard Wiggle Side chair by Frank Gehry in the bedroom, take centre stage in their respective spaces.


5. Whimsical styling: It's an invasion of penguins! Placing decor elements, such as this army of penguins, in the most unexpected places, surprise and delights.