House Tour: Apartment with a minimalist, classical theme

Elaborate mouldings and panalling are just some of the elements adopted by this monochromatic apartment designed by Metaphor Studio. But the interior design firm gave these classical elements a modern twist and created an elegant home for these homeowners.

The white theme and sheer curtains bring light and a sense of spaciousness to the room, while the chandelier and depression in the ceiling adds a touch of luxury to the room. Matt and glossy textures also bring a sense of depth to the all-white room.

Thin black borders on the creamy wall panels and dining chairs bring out their clean simplicity. As do the moulding placed on the mirrored feature wall.

The classic rectangular borders on the walls and ceilings, emphasises the home’s refined look.

At the end of the small corridor is an alcove brightened by an LED strip that highlights the mirrored wall and table, creating an attractive focal point in the space.

The half moon door handles bring an oriental touch to the elegant room.

The headboard has concealed storage behind it, while mirrors above amplify the space.

The bed platform incorporates a row of drawers for storing personal effects.