House Tour: Bright splashes of orange, red and purple in this three-room condo unit

The first things you notice when you step into this three-bedroom condo unit are the bright red and orange glass panels on the main door.

The homeowners say their home was initially minimalist, but wanted something different after living there for five years, without the need for major renovations. Adding colours was the key to this makeover.

Raymond Seow from Free Space Intent suggested to the homeowners to introduce bolder colours such as purple, keeping more masculine, moody tones for the living area.

Darker, masculine hues colour the living area. Tableware from Alessi and throw from Ikea.

The clear glass top and skinny legs of the dining table make it seem less conspicuous. Fruit bowl from Alessi and cups from Tangs.

The homeowners didn’t like purple as he thought it would be too feminine, but changed their mind after seeing the ambience it created in the master bedroom. Vase from Dream Interior, clock and tray from Lifestorey.

Raymond added the bench after the shelves went up in the music room.

The makeover cost $35,000 excluding furnishings (an extra $15,000).

More images of the home here.