House Tour: Clean and classy interiors that cost $200,000

This swanky five-bedroom cluster house at Dunsfold Drive is designed by Jocelyn Teo and the team from Whiteboard. They added colour, texture and the right accents to spruce up the home.

Step through the front door to enter an elegant foyer clad in wallcoverings with the texture of linen, which sets the right note for guests to linger. On the next level, where the living and dining area and kitchen are located, a similar style of sophistication persists - inspired by "modern French" as the homeowner wanted something "clean yet classy".

Details such as moulded wall trimmings and a made- to-order patterned screen lay the ground for the swish theme.

The white marble flooring was left untouched as it fits nicely with the classic black and white colour scheme.


Most of the furnishings were customised to achieve the desired look.

Dead space under the slanted roof of the attic is maximised with a custom-built dressing table.

The curved lines on the bed headboard mirror the Art Deco-inspired bookshelf.

More images of the home here.