House Tour: A colour-zoned condo

Your walls are the best canvases for mood-altering, space-defining elements - all you have to do is get a colour chart. This time however, you're going to flip past the neutrals and whites, and turn to vibrant colours instead.

Yes, you can colour-zone with bright hues without turning your sanctuary into a tacky circus. Colour-zoning helps define the functional spaces of a home, such as the living room and kitchen. While using subtle colours are fine, use bright hues for more fun.

This spacious condominium designed by Wynk Collaborative shows you how.

Using multiple bright colours in one home can be intimidating, so start by deciding the type of mood a room or space should have. This airy living room, which is going for a fun, cheery vibe, sports a lilac wall and some printed cushions from The Design Store

The sleeping area, originally two bedrooms, utilises a dynamic yellow as contrast against the greys of the wardrobes. The neutral tone of the wardrobes also runs throughout the rest of the house, providing a good base for the bright colours used. Plus more printed cushions and blankets from The Design Store!

The three dominant hues of this home - blue, yellow, and lilac - is balanced out by the plain black floor and white ceiling. Not gaudy at all.

Making a bold statement here is the use of two strong colours, blue and yellow. The bright and warm yellow brings luminance and helps to emphasise the tunnel.

A splash of yellow in the otherwise minimalist kitchen.