House Tour: Condo apartment with modern clean lines

This condominium apartment in Novena is designed by Matthew Lai, director of Studio XMSL.

The homeowner - a bachelor in his 30s - specifically highlighted that he likes contemporary Taiwanese interior design, with modern clean lines and a measured use of colours.

Matthew designed a 10-seat glass-topped dining table for the middle of the room, which could be used for late night work sessions too. Executed in warm oak and walnut with some simple marquetry detailing, it exudes warmth and masculinity.

The same combination of wood is repeated in the two bookcases that flank the table. These open shelves house Asian art, architecture miniatures and other collectibles. Vases from Oddjects; fruitbowl from Alessi.

The all-black sports storeroom looks larger than it is as you cannot see where the walls end.

The chocolate-hued entertainment room is cosy with a thick-pile rug and a veneered false ceiling that mirrors the parquet floor.

These luxurious-looking upholstered panels, what Matthew humbly calls ‘noticeboards’, allow the homeowners to tack on photos, posters and other items that display his personality.

The renovation costs $50,000.

More images of the home here.