House Tour: A designer's rustic-industrial HDB home

A white brick feature wall, concrete screed flooring, industrial-style track lights, barn doors and a kitchen that looks almost classic in style. These elements from various decor styles were not what homeowners Jeri Tan and Bernard Wong initially envisioned their cosy four-room HDB flat to be filled with.

But they are more than happy with the final result. The renovation started with a simple request for a white brick wall and an industrial look, but that vision was tweaked in the hands of Mei Teh from Story Of Us.

To complement the industrial look of the home, the dining table was built to look like a workshop table, and is paired with bar stools instead of dining chairs.

Inspired by the colours of the Union Jack, the kitchen cabinets were painted red, white and blue, and the display cabinets were made to look like the doors of London’s telephone booths.

The bedroom features a leaning shelf from Journey East, and a chandelier made out of mason jars by an artist in Thailand.

More images of the home here.

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