House Tour: Feng shui and modern contemporary look combined in this three-bedroom condo unit

The interiors of this three-bedroom apartment at Amber Garden is designed by associate director and designer Vera Poh of D'perception Ritz.

Maximising space in this three-bedroom condo was imperative given the compact bedroom sizes and layout.

The homeowners also wanted a "modern contemporary look", while taking into consideration their feng shui requirements.

The style incorporates the use of warm, natural materials such as wood - which fortunately tied in with the earth element of their feng shui reading.

A bold mix of natural materials on the walls – from teak strips to marble – appear almost like works of art.

The glass panels cladding the air well were frosted or spray painted brown to make a sleek feature wall.

The TV set in the master bedroom is neatly tucked away behind a sliding panel.

The peek-a-boo screen design shields the bathroom without obstructing natural light into the space.

This Oriental-inspired white cut-out MDF panel also lifts the room's largely muted palette.

The renovation cost $80,000 (excluding the loose pieces of furniture).

More images of the home here.