House Tour: This five-room HDB flat with purple hues has a modern and posh look

Having designed numerous homes for clients, Adrean Wong (managing director of interior design firm Space Vision Design) and his interior designer wide felt a little lost at first when it came to doing up their own place - a  five-room HDB flat at Serangoon North.

A fengshui consultation laid down some ground rules for the home's colour palette, as well as the placement of major structures such as the kitchen cabinet.

With purple as the main hue, the homeowner pounced on the opportunity to create a "modern posh" look.

Making five colours – pink, purple, silver, white and black – work in a small space boils down to texturing. Cushions, throw and fruit bowl from Ikea.

The partition wall’s curved base echoes the curve of the shelves.

The old kitchen doorway was widened to facilitate movement between the dining and kitchen spaces. A silver chandelier resembling dripping mercury is a touch of modernity. Kettle from Ikea.

A feature wall in the dining area is upholstered in a metallic royal purple, Its harlequin pattern adding extra glamour to the mix. Set into the wall is a large mirror framed by silver croc skin-textured wallpaper, extending the "view" beyond the solid wall like a window.

Instead of the usual perfectly perpendicular edges, the top and bottom cabinets are angled slightly for a change of design.

There was no room for even a narrow shelf at the foot of the bed, so Adrean built the storage niche for the DVD player and cable set-top box into the wall, eating into space on the other side. Cushion from Ikea.

More images of the home here.