House Tour: Four-room HDB flat in Punggol with soft pastels, floral motifs and white wood cabinetry

It’s not difficult to envision Little Bo Peep living in this four-room HDB flat in Punggol.

The soft pastels, floral motifs and white wood cabinetry of its interiors transport visitors to a cosy cottage somewhere in the English countryside.

The homeowners, a couple in their late 20s, approached Dolly Teo from Space Factor for a Laura Ashley-inspired home. The British furnishings brand is well-known for its refined and elegant take on a rustic country style.

“I was quite surprised because there aren’t many people who ask for a country look,” explains Dolly, “but after we did that home, more people have approached us for a similar style.”

The couple opted for lighter wood finishes, instead of the more traditional darker browns, to bring the look up to date.

Dolly ensured that the home looked clean and spacious by using pastel shades for the walls, and white and cream-coloured wood cabinetry for the storage cabinet and TV console in the living and dining area.

The kitchen sports a similar look, with pretty porcelain knobs decorated with blue flowers to go with the solid-surface countertop. Tiles with a subtle floral pattern, which Dolly says are hard to find now, are used as the kitchen backsplash.

This contemporary country look continues in the couple’s bedroom, and is enhanced by the floral wallpaper and handpainted classic French-look nightstands.

Being here really takes you to another time and place, exclaims Dolly, of the home, which went through a six-week renovation costing $27,000.