House Tour: Four-room Scandinavian-design condo apartment with an industrial touch

This four-room flat at Tanjong Pagar is home to a couple (who both work as flight crew) and they wanted a space which requires as little upkeep as possible since they're seldom home.

They proposed the Scandinavian look - a casual, white-based palette of pale wood furniture and light-fused interiors to designer Dess Chew of Three-d Conceptwerke. The total renovation came up to $50,000 with an additional $20,000 for furnishings.

The original salmon-coloured wall was redone in a darker shade for a cooler, more industrial look and the result is a meticulously painted faux brick wall. Table clock, floor lamp and telephone, all from Lorgan’s.

The mirror that clads the entire wall also hides the entrance to the bomb shelter.

Floor to ceiling cabinets in the original master bedroom offer plenty of storage. Clothes stand and bar stool from Lorgan’s.

The clear glass top and skinny legs of the dining table make it seem less conspicuous. Fruit bowl from Alessi and cups from Tangs.