House Tour: This hotel-inspired makeover cost $200,000

The homeowners of this ground-level condominium unit had left the design and furnishing to Terry Goh of The Interior Library, who tempered the classical Versace style with clean hues and simplified patterns.

Terry explained that he wanted to design the apartment "like a grand presidential suite in a luxe classic hotel."

Classic goes smart with the Greek key symbol incorporated as part of the sleek coffee table.

The study was converted into a luxe enclosed dining area. The large round mirror in the background sets the tone for the opulent ambience of the place.

The dining hall is accented with plush banquette seating and mood lighting to recreate the ambience of an exclusive corner in a posh restuarant.

Classic doesn’t always have to be body or gaudy. It can ooze understated elegance in white and cream tones. Wall panelling and bedside chandeliers lend the bedroom a dose of classical character. The boudoir stays soothing to the eye in cream tones.

The home even has a landscaped garden, see more images here.