House Tour: Hotel-like three-bedroom condominium apartment

Home to a family of four, this three-bedroom condominium apartment along Yio Chu Kang Road is designed to resemble a luxurious hotel suite. The family loves to entertain, which is why they asked Chris Koh and her team from The Orange Cube to create plenty of storage compartments in the living area to keep the space looking clean.

The dining area features a space-saving seating bench, and display shelves to showcase the homeowners’ liquor collection. This zone is also surrounded by reflective surfaces, such as vertical mirror panels and a suspended chrome lighting feature, to give the space a touch of glamour.

In the living room, a glossy S-shaped storage feature allows the owners to display accessories. Next to it, black and white acrylic panels give the space a simple but elegant look.

Apart from the children’s rooms, the rest of the home – including the master bedroom – kept to the colour scheme of grey, silver, black and white.

Chris and her team took into account the son’s favourite colours, and designed a monochrome look with red elements for his bedroom. The box-like shelves match the boxy bed frame, and the shape brings a masculine touch to the room.

“It was just like working with a friend, since this is the second time I’ve worked with the owners,” says the designer. Not only was the experience enjoyable for everyone, it was easy, too, as the homeowners knew what they wanted for their renovation.

With the elegant and luxurious look of the living space, the family comes home to a hotel-like apartment every day.

More images of the home here.