House Tour: Industrial-retro HDB apartment

Choosing a specific theme for your home will definitely help with the shopping, but don't limit yourself to just that. This HDB flat, put together by The Design Practice, incorporates retro elements to the industrial backdrop. It sure is a unique take on the theme!

Cement screed flooring and white walls provide an edgy yet neutral base for designer furniture like the Air Break stool in the dining area as well as Fritz Hansen Alphabet sofa. Separating the kitchen and the living area is a white sliding panel, which blends in nicely.

While accesories like the ledge serves as a display shelf for the owner's photography works, the retro accessories and shots of bold colour curb the home from going down the minimalist road.

For fengshui reasons, the couple painted the ceiling a baby blue. Another interesting highlight is that they used a queen mattress on a king-sized teak laminate platform! Lastly, the front of the door-less wardrobe is finished in black and ivory PVC lining.