House Tour: Keeping it simple for just $25,000

This 732sqft home was turned into a beautiful loft-inspired apartment with the help of the folks Space Matters. The home, kept simple and neat proves you don't need a lot of money or too many built-in components to get your home looking pretty. Keep the home simple and let your furniture do the talking instead.

Renovation costs came up to $25,000 and the couple spent $13,000 on furniture. 

The living room is kept bright and spacious with white walls, a white brick feature wall and with just the furniture bringing colour to the room. Of course, it goes without saying, the surefire way to make a tiny living room brighter is by hacking the bedroom wall into half and replacing it with glass. 

We move into the study where the room is also kept simple with only a tiny desk to decorate the space and a seat by the window for those rainy days.

Anything in this tiny bedroom would be dwarfed by the couples huge bed which takes up about 90% of the room. So what do they do about storage?

They put it underneath obviously!

We're ending this house tour with the bathroom, a calming space of white with a mosaic of brown and white tiles to dress up the space.