House Tour: Lots of greenery in this luxurious five-room penthouse

Ivan Teo and Jason Huang from Haire Living were tasked with transforming an old, five-room penthouse at The Serenade @ Holland Condominium into a contemporary home for a large family. The owner, a Japanese businessman, gave them full creative control over its look and style.

The designers envisioned a clean, contemporary look with plush furnishings, and to bring some "life" into elegant design, added lots of greenery to outdoor spaces. 

They started by creating a water feature and green wall in the balcony, which leads from the all-white living room. The lush greenery outside adds a pop of colour that can be easily seen from the living area when you enter the home's private lift lobby.

The second feature they created was designed not just for aesthetic purposes, but for function, too. An unused open space next to the en suite master bedroom was turned into a semi-sheltered outdoor spa, complete with a jacuzzi and sauna. 

To enhance the outdoor experience, users step over paving stones steeped in water to get to the shower area and tub, which is also surrounded by greenery.

To top it off, the designers placed a gym in the roof terrace, which offers an inspiring 360-degree view of the surrounding topography, thanks to its glass walls. Artificial turf was used for flooring, and automatic lourves were built above the gym to shield the space from direct sunlight. 

The luxurious features and design of the home, including furniture, was completed for $700,000.