House Tour: Modern-eclectic apartment

Mixing up the industrial style with barn-doors, rustic-chic looks and other styles might sound disastourous on paper, but in reality, the clash of styles have created a modern, eclectic look for this apartment. Designed by Museum, this home is a bevy of unique style-elements.

Depth was added to the living room by using a black grill to highlight the height of the ceiling. It was also used to hide the projection screen, air conditioning and wiring from lighting.

The kitchen, the brightest part of the home, is a mix of several styles. Bright red barn doors hide the wet kitchen and toilet, black and white flooring bring a retro look to the space, and industrial chairs and lamps sit in the centre of the room. At the side, a reclaimed wood cabinet stores cookbooks and other family favourite tomes.

Extending the master bedroom's footprint into the hallway gave the homeowner the option of having more wardrobe storage, something his wife is putting to good use.

To bring some texture to the room, white brick was used as a feature wall. Also, the en suite bathroom was converted into a small study for the homeowner's conference calls.

The bathroom is also an eclectic mix of styles with modern geometric patterns decorating the floors, retro white tiles with black grouting covering the shower walls, country-style marble and black wood paneling used for the vanity and white brick covering the back of the toilet wall. The designer pulled this look together by making sure they had a common element - monochromatic palette.

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