House Tour: Rustic chic for a 2-bedroom condo

If you've been Pinterest-ing and reading our blog for styling tips, you'd have realised that every theme has its charm. It's no surprise then, that many homeowners cannot bear to stick to only one. This two-bedroom condominium in Tanamera Crest is a great example of that, and we love how the homeowner balances the rustic with the modern.  

outdoor, bicycle, rustic, mirror, statement, wood, charm

A part of the rustic charm is to bring the outdoors, indoors. Making a statement at the entrance is a large mirror with a weathered gold frame, paired with a vintage-style two-wheeler which reflects the homeowner's husband's obsession for bicycles.

outdoor, wood, rustic, vintage, lamp

Opposite the grand entrance is a shabby-chic wooden dining table and benches. Its fade lends a casual, laid-back vibe. 

For the living room, the interior designers chose modern, minimalist furnitures - while still keeping the element of wood - instead of those that are shabby chic.

wood, treehouse, playhouse, kids, children room, fun, animal

Another highlight of the home is a massive teak "tree house" loft bed cum playhouse, complete with stairs and pitched roofs. Made from scratch by the homeowner's contractor, the tree house is fitted with hidden storage compartments for toys and other knick knacks.  

white, headboard, minimalist, wood, vintage

The matrimonial bed is kept simple with a white French-inspired frame, custom-made at a factory in Indonesia. 

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Accessible only through the master bedroom's walk-in wardrobe, the master bathroom features a striking vintage-inspired mirror from The Vintage Parlour that stands out against the white wall.