House Tour: This stunning home was created with only black and white

When you think of all the colours you can use in a home, why limit yourself to only two? But two is enough when it can create interiors as stunning as those seen in this condominium unit. The designers at Design Intervention used just black and white in this home, and here's how they made the classic combination a contemporary winner. 

Keeping the background clean, white, and uncluttered makes the black design features such as the grid on the ceiling, and furnishings such as the charcoal sofa, stand out even more. Lots of sunlight helps in keeping the tone of the room light, and not heavy. 


The streamlined design of the built-in structures creates a sense of order and calmness in the space.


Simple black-and-white patterns, such as on the striped rug, and the zebra-skin stripes on the chair, help add visual interest to the space. The grey concrete ventilation blocks and metal stools tie-in with the monochrome theme while adding texture to the space. 


The colour scheming can be reversed too, with the walls of this hallway painted black, and white used as an accent around the doorway. Glass panels help lighten the look of the black door to the study.


The owner preferred to have white as the base colour for the master bedroom, and confine the use of black to the adjoining bathroom.


Without the patterned lampshade, the Missoni cushion adding a splash of colour to the space, and the textured bedlinen, this guest bedroom would look flat and boring.