House Tour: A stylish apartment with a neutral colour scheme

A light and neutral colour palette is easy on the eyes, as well as easy to pull off — particularly practical for a small home. But how do you keep it looking interesting and stylish? This interior designer added pops of colour and a mixture of textures, through soft furnishings and accessories, to add depth and break visual monotony.


The living area is decked out in muted white and pale grey tones, but a burst of vibrant colour in the rug and throw cushions add fun and cheer. 


Wood-tone flooring brings warmth to the raised dining area, while the mixture of curved shapes and straight lines of the furniture and built-in cabinetry give a contemporary look. A pendant lamp, even though white in colour, has an attractive design that makes it stand out.


Furniture with striking shapes, such as the Barcelona ottoman designed by Mies van der Rohe and geometric bookshelf, spruces up the white space.


In the master bedroom, the light colour scheme continues, but the monotony is broken in the bathroom, which features earth-tone travetine surfaces. The bathroom door was replaced with a glass sliding door, so that the bedroom appears more spacious.


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