House Tour: A stylish three-bedroom condo unit with mood-making lamps for a clubby ambience

Some people devote one space in their homes to indulge in their hobbies. For this bachelor homeowner, he had one entire apartment (a three-bedroom condominium unit in Katong) done up to feature his love for lamps and beautiful artistic objects. Masculine and moody, the suitably dark three-bedroom apartment evokes a lounge-like feel - using the illumination from the homeowner's designer lighting pieces to best effect. Interior designer Alvin Kwan of Homme Space enjoyed free creative rein as he designed the home.

Installed by the firm that worked on Ion Orchard's facade, this platform in the living room is layered with tempered glass and acrylic (which cost $6,000 to $8,000) for an even degree of illumination. The changing light show can be paused as desired.

The booth seating and bench in black upholstery, velvet black-out curtains and shelves in dark-stained veneer create a dark cave to show off the mood-making illumination - Caboche pendant lamps by Foscarini.

The single-blade fan adds an organic touch to the sleek furnishings in the outdoor area next to the living room.

The blue shade of the Fontana Arte Elvis table lamp gives off a soft glow that isn’t too glaring for working on the laptop. Lighting in the coves allows documents and items to be retrieved easily.

A flocked floral wallcovering dresses one wall in the master bedroom that's tastefully lit by halogen lights. The mirrored pillar and bean reflect the recessed lighting, creating an illusion of space beyond the room's narrow confines.

The unique tassel light fixtures which fall from the recessed spotlights act as an illuminative source for reading. In the corner, custom-built light boxes also function as art pedestals.

More images of the home here.