House Tour: Turning an old flat into a clutter-free home!

Home to a family of five and their domestic helper, this four-room HDB apartment at Toh Guan Road in Jurong was originally a cluttered mess. Wanting a change of environment, the owners turned to Sky Creation for help. “After living in the same home for 20 years, they wanted something different,” says interior designer Thackeray Tan. “Nothing fancy, just a home that is more practical and clutter-free.” This meant creating plenty of storage space.

Thackeray had the freedom to create built-in storage solutions without compromising the spaciousness of the older flat. He began in the kitchen, by building floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Despite having only enough room for the cooker, the fridge, a few appliances and the sink, there seems to be no shortage of space as the white, glossy laminate for the cabinets reflect light, giving the illusion of more space.

All three bedrooms in the home were given the built-in treatment as well, hiding clutter and creating a pleasant environment for the family members who worked at home. The owner and his son, who both run businesses from home, wanted large workstations. “I made sure there were cabinets around the desk,” Thackeray says. He also added a glass-wall finish to the back of the son’s workstation, so he'd have a whiteboard for brainstorming ideas.

But a home focused on function doesn’t have to be without design, Thackeray used colourful laminates with varying textures to give each space its own identity. Bedrooms were painted with different colours to reflect the occupants, and cabinet and wardrobe doors were given laminates with varying finishes. For example, a dark wood finish was paired with a matte-white and glossy chequered pattern in the son’s room.

The master bedroom’s bathroom was also given special attention. The bottom cabinets of the sink are now a swathe of colours, bringing life to the bare space.

It took Thackeray and his team seven weeks to complete the $70,000 renovation, but what a difference it has made.

More images of the home here.