House Tour: This two-bedroom executive condominium is reminiscent of a Balinese resort!

With its dark wood accents and light, translucent curtains, the living room of this two-bedroom executive condominium is reminiscent of a Balinese resort. The homeowners, a couple in their early 30s, were inspired by their honeymoon in Bali, explains Violet Kang, the project consultant from Darwin Interior, tasked with designing their dream home as envisioned by the couple.

The team began the home's transformation into a natural sanctuary by replacing the living area's original homogenous tile flooring with a waterproof laminate that resembles wood when applied. This was also extended to the bedrooms, while plants, ceramic pots and cream-coloured curtains and cushions were used to complement the rustic look. 

Next, Violet created a "stone" feature wall in the living room with fibreglass panels to reinforce the apartment's nature-resort theme.

While the couple was happy with the proposed concept, they also had to work around the instructions of their geomancer. “The fengshui master said that while wood was good for the husband, the wife needed a lot more white [in the colour scheme],” Violet explains.

Accordingly, this primary colour was thus chosen for the kitchen, as the wife enjoys cooking. In order to ensure that the stark-white minimalist kitchen would not disrupt the fluidity of the home's predominantly Balinese theme, a wall was built to separate the living area and kitchen into two zones that are connected by a sliding door.

As a result, the couple managed to retain their dream of paradise into reality, creating an idyllic resort-style home in just 1.5 months.