How To Clean Mirrors and Glass Surfaces

If you find that your mirrors and glass surfaces tend to have streaks and stains even after a good wipe down, you may want to try these inexpensive cleaning methods to get rid of them:

■ VINEGAR Mix with an equal amount of warmwater. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and use like a regular cleaner. Be careful not to let it drip on wood frames or windowsills as the acetic acid in vinegar may discolour the wood and iron.

■ RUBBING ALCOHOL OR MOUTHWASH Great for day-to-day cleaning of spots and smudges on mirrors.

■ CRUMPLED NEWSPAPER This does a better job of cleaning and polishing glass than ordinary paper towels. It gives mirrors a sparkling shine and keeps drip marks from drying on the surface.

■ TOOTHPASTE Eliminate marks and tiny scratches by polishing the affected area with a small amount of toothpaste.

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